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Category: Relaxation

What’s the difference between a tourist and a traveler?

Is everyone who travels a traveler? In today’s culture traveling has become a certain sign of status. People who travel

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What is glamping & why you’ll love it

Camping is one of the most easy-going forms of traveling. Thanks to its relaxed nature and accessibility, it is widely

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Top 10 iconic travel destinations

Everyone has their own ideas about travel. For some, the best trip is an all-inclusiv at a resort in

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Surprise your family with amazing vacation ideas

Going on holiday with your kids and showing them the world is something special. However, children can’t stand boredom and

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The freedom & challenges of living in a camper

Converting buses into campers has recently become quite popular in Poland. Buses transformed into mobile homes have become a way

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Why you should meditate while you travel

Higher reduction of cortisol, higher level of serotonine, better concentration. These are just a few of the benefits of meditation.

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How traveling together can make your relationships stronger

Travel helps us to better understand ourselves. But can it help us in our relationships with others? Turns out, traveling

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