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Silent Camp: Meditation in Dyad

Silent Camp: Meditation in Dyad


Product Description

This weekend will change your life. Deepen your relationship with yourself. Set out on a journey that will teach you to experience directly.

Go back to your center, sacrifice yourself, slow down to re-understand what matters most in life …

We invite you to our 3-day Meditation Retreat in Diads!

During the retreat that we offer you, you will have the opportunity to go through individual and group processes intertwined with periods of individual reflection and silence. We will also give you an optional space dedicated to creative expression and creativity.
Through the practices available for the depths in Diads, we will become one with every moment and gain access to our inner world.

What are the dyads? Dyads are a meditation technique practiced in pairs. By using tiaras, we learn to trust more. In this way, let’s create space for our real interior.


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