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North Cascades: Mount Baker Climbing

North Cascades: Mount Baker Climbing


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Successful ascent to Mount Baker can be a great training before glacier climbing or as a stand-alone excursion for people who are just starting their adventure with climbing. The slopes of the Eastman Glacier Route, due to their moderate size, are the perfect training ground for people who want to practice their skills and the basis of the general mountaineering experience. The Mount Baker Clip is one of the most classic climbs in North America and is the perfect mountain terrain to develop or refresh your mountaineering / glacier skills. The summit of Mount Baker is 10,781 ‘(3,286 m) above sea level. It is the third largest summit in Washington state.

Mount Baker is not as massive as Mount Rainier, yet it is a true large North Cascade mountain that rises out of the surrounding landscape and is therefore vulnerable to weather changes.

The trail is at an altitude of 5,500 feet, it takes about 4 hours to climb up after the departure. After we set up the camp, we will devote the rest of the first day of the trip to relaxing or starting skills training.

The second day will be devoted to learning basic mountaineering skills. The topics we’ll be exploring are: climbing knots, crampon footwork, harnesses, ice ax, self arrest, and rope team travel skills that are necessary to climb the peak. We will also take care of basic mountaineering skills that may be of use to you in the future.

We will eat dinner early because we will wake up very early. On day three we are heading to the top. The climbing route on this day will take us 6-8 hours. Its goal is to climb Easton Glacier and then head towards Sherman Peak. As we approach Sherman Peak, we will head higher. Then we traverse the rim of the crater on the northeast side to the summit of Mt. Baker.


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