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Holiday in mountains: Kilimanjaro Climbing

Tanzania, Africa
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Day 1:

After you have eaten breakfast and checked in from your guide, you will travel from Moshi or Arusha to Londorossi Park Gate (2250m, 1.5 hours). On the forest road you will reach Lemosho Glades (2000m, 11Km. 45minutes) and the campsite. By walking you will reach the Mti Mkubwa campsite (big tree), (2750m, 3 hours).

Day 2:

After breakfast at 07:00 we leave the Mti Mkubwa campsite and head towards the Shira 1 camp. gently descend to Shira 1 camp located by a stream on the Shira Plateau (3500 m, 5 hours).

Day 3

While your breakfast is being prepared, you can go for a mountain-style bath (skin massage). You will walk to Shira 2 in the moorland meadows by the stream (3850 m, 1.5 hours).

Day 4:

After the moorland ends, a rocky path will take you to the lava tower where the campsites are located (4,600m, 5 hours) and then to the Barranco hut (3,900m, 2 hours) for overnight and dinner.

Day 5:

You will start the morning with climbing the Barranco wall to a height of approx. 4,200 m, which will take approx. 1 hour (the wall is almost vertical). For 3 hours you will hike the path that crosses the southern slopes to reach the Karanga Valley.

Day 6:

After eating breakfast, your journey will head south-east. After approximately 4 hours, you will reach the Barafu Camp (4600m). Here you will rest and prepare to ascend to the summit at midnight.

Day 7:

Around midnight you will head northwest up the southeastern valley towards Stella Point at the edge of the crater. The 6-hour hike to Stella Point is a big challenge, and the steep wall just below Stella will be the most difficult. The time you spend on the summit depends on the weather and wind conditions. The return to Mweka Camp from the summit can take over 7 hours.

Day 8:

After breakfast from the Mweka camp, you will head down to the village of Mweka. It will take about an hour to hike the muddy path. In the village of Mweka, you will go to the Springlands Hotel for a hot lunch and shower. Overnight at the Springlands Hotel. Advice can be given to the guide at Springlands Hotel. Here, climbers receive their summit certificates. Climbers who reach Stella Point (5,685 m) receive green certificates, and those who reach the summit of Uhuru (5,895 m) receive gold certificates.



- This tour will be organized specially for you and won't be shared with any other people. - This tour is available for solo travelers. -  The age required for this tour is 7 years.


A transfer from and back to the airport is available for an extra cost





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