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Ayahuasca: 7-days Session in Mexico

Cacun, Mexico
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We are a community that believes in the power of the human soul. In our opinion, a change inside yourself is the key to changing your whole life. Ayahuasca is one of the most effective tools to bring about such changes. Ayahuasca aims to tear down the wall between your conscious and your subconscious. Thanks to this, you will have a chance to increase your perceptual abilities. Change your perception, change your world.

We will be at your disposal at any time. We will help you, we have many years of experience. Regardless of your level of advancement, we will take care of you in the right way.


Ayahuasca ceremonies A private session with therapist Healing sessions Group dynamic healing Body Movement and Grounding sesion Integration sessions Vegetarian meals Fresh fruit Purified water Pool, gym etc Free wifi Access to the team at all times Airport pick up and drop off


Free Wifi House-Keeping Free Wifi Pool Coffee/Tea Fitness Center Vegan meals





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Event date 24.05.2023
Total Cost 1940 €
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